Interviews AfrikaFilm Festival 2023 - Alain Kassanda about COLETTE ET JUSTIN and COCONUT HEAD GENERATION

Alain Kassanda's debut film starts off as a process of self-examination: How well does he actually know his grandparents? How true are his ideas about his birth country DR Congo, whose national identity was partly molded by the Belgian colonizers? How much does he know about himself? He finally gets his grandparents COLETTE AND JUSTIN to reflect on their lives, from their youth to their first encounter with a complex political period that followed independence, in which his grandfather Justin played a not inconsiderable role. Alain Kassanda travels through time and his own past, bringing post-colonial Congo to the surface. The deep traces left by colonialism are omnipresent.

A powerful documentary by filmmaker Alain Kassanda. It takes us to the University of Ibadan, where passionate debates unfold among students in southwestern Nigeria. Immersed in discussions on power imbalances, ethnicity, feminism, and gender, these young minds defy stereotypes of laziness and apathy. Through Kassanda's observant lens, we witness their unwavering commitment to education, activism, and art. This thought-provoking film showcases the politically and morally engaged youth, challenging societal norms and inspiring change.