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LUMUMBA became the first Prime Minister in the history of the Congo on 30 June 1960, when the country gained its independence after 80 years of Belgian colonial rule. Seven months later, he was assassinated in Katanga province along with Joseph Okito and Maurice Mpolo. Their bodies were dissolved in sulphuric acid and only one of Patrice Lumumba's teeth remained. In June 2022, the Belgian government officially returned Lumumba's tooth to his children. This film follows the highly political celebrations for the return of Lumumba's tooth to the DRC and questions the legacy of one of the great political leaders of decolonisation.

LUMUMBA - LE RETOUR D’UN HÉROS Direction: Dieudo Hamadi, Benoît Feyt, Quentin Noirfalisse, DCP, OmeU, 87 min