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In a small, quiet town in the south of France, Marie started afresh. As head cook in a retirement home, her daily life is characterized by a certain stability until the unexpected arrival of a priest from Congo. Patrick, a charismatic priest, is very popular with the staff and residents, with the exception of Marie. She is disturbed by his arrival, which takes her back to her past. Director Ellie Foumbi presents her main character with a challenge. The thriller OUR FATHER, THE DEVIL explores the issues of guilt, forgiveness and second chances for former child soldiers who have become adults.


With actress Babetida Sadjo in attendance

NOTRE PÈRE, LE DIABLE (OUR FATHER, THE DEVIL) Direction: Ellie Foumbi, DCP, OmeU, 107 min


Babetida Sadjo

Babetida Sadjo was born in Guinea-Bissau and spent her youth in Vietnam before moving to Belgium at the age of 17. She is a graduate of the Conservatoire Royal d'Art Dramatique in Brussels, and has acted in several plays. Her film career began in 2014 with P. Van Hees' WASTE LAND, for which she was the first Black woman to win an Ensor for Best Supporting Actress. She gained international recognition with, among others, AND BREATHE NORMALLY by Í. Uggadóttir (Sundance 2018). In 2020, she received the Best Actress award at the South Australian Screen Awards, as well as at Cinefest Oz (Australia) for AYAAN. She played the lead role in the Netflix series INTO THE NIGHT and in the Flemish series LOST LUGGAGE.She plays the lead in Ellie Foumbi's film OUR FATHER THE DEVIL.