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Since 2014, Kolofata, a village in northern Cameroon, has been the victim of regular abuses by the terrorist group Boko Haram. Falta, Ladji, Ibrahim, Mohammed, Ismaela and Maloum are between 4 and 11 years old and are trying to find a balance between their childhood and the real and omnipresent threat that surrounds them. In the schoolyard, the children play next to patrolling soldiers. Despite the threat of Boko Haram (LE SPECTRE DE BOKO HARAM, the children retain an innocence and freedom that the adults seem to have lost. In her first feature-length documentary, Cyrielle Raingou gives these children a voice and shows their daily lives through their own words and perspectives.


With director Cyrielle Raingou in attendance. 

In cooperation with SüdKulturFonds, Jutta Vogel Stiftung, Friedensbildungswerk Köln

LE SPECTRE DE BOKO HARAM Direction: Cyrielle Raingou, DCP, OmeU, 75 min


Cyrielle Raingou

Cyrielle Raingou is a Cameroonian filmmaker passionate about African cultural identity. She uses legends, metaphor and the symbolism of animals to unearth the complexity and mystery within humans. Her first feature length documentary LE SPECTRE DE BOKO HARAM focuses on the life in a war zone from children perspective. She holds master’s degrees in law and in documentary film directing. After several short films selected and premiered at important international festivals, the last ones MAMA DAN SO QUE SORRISO (2022) and  LE SPECTRE DE BOKO HARAM (2023) had their world premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023, where it won the Tiger award.