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In X US, two brothers embark on a journey to a new settlement on Titan.

X US Direction: Akinola Davie, DCP, OF m. engl. UT, 10 min


Eboa Itondo

Eboa Itondo is a 36-year-old cultural scientist who most recently worked at Berlin‘s Humboldt Forum, where she curated the exhibition “Ansichtssache(n)” and participated in the exhibitions “Schrecklich schön.Elefant – Mensch – Elfenbein” in cooperation with the National Museums of Kenya (2021) and “LAUT.Die Welt hören” (2018, Humboldt Box).In the context of these projects, Eboa Itondo has increasingly engaged with the field of tension between German history, (post-)colonialism, and colonial heritage.Since June 2022, Eboa Itondo has been working as curator and head of the Graphic Collection at Museum Ludwig.


Dr. Pedro Mbavaidi Nsilulu

Pedro was born on 07 July 1985 in Luanda Angola. In the 1990s, he came to Germany with his family, where they had to go through the asylum procedure as refugees. From a young age, Pedro Mbavaidi was interested in music, sports, acting, and comedy. He was influenced by artists who portrayed many Afro-futuristic elements in their music and were known for their visual aesthetics. From 2011 to 2016, he studied dentistry at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen. Currently, Pedro is a rapper and songwriter, he dances the Angolan partner dance Kizomba and is part of a very small but emerging community with Afro-futuristic approaches.